I have one of those annoying colds that makes you sneeze forty seven times an hour, and the snot is all thin and clear and drippy and there’s nothing to really blow out, yet, with any head movement, out it gushes.   The ear-infection-to-be is hopping up and down in the at-bat circle, gathering as much bacteria as its little microbial arms can scoop up.  Why yes.  I did take a dose of generic nyquill.  That’s the only good part about having a cold. 

I think Sophie might have a broken finger.  If it’s not looking and feeling better tomorrow we will go to the doctor.  She got it shut in the hinge side of the door to the boys room.  It bled some, and she screamed louder than any cliche I can possibly summon.  Willow screamed with her for support.  The screaming took place in the hall bathroom.  Which shares a wall with our neighbors house.  Have I told you how much they secretly hate us?  I know they do.  They should.  I don’t think that door slamming will generally break a finger, but when she got into bed (after I taped the worst finger to the finger next to it with a care bear bandaid) she said that it hurt her finger to touch the sheets.  Like, she was on her back with her hand on her chest, applying the boo boo bunny, and the sheet was covering her legs and the hem of it came into contact with the finger.  It’s apparently VERY sensitive.  If it didn’t happen forty minutes after bedtime (I’m flying solo and had to attend a parent meeting for drama club, but really, the drama is RIGHT HERE), I might have called the advice nurse.  Instead, I did ice and a shot each of tylenol and benedryll (I don’t make a habit of that, but if I hurt my hand like that I’d be all over the one lonely vicodin in the medicine chest, so I figured I would give her an early lesson about the wonders of pharmaceuticals.  Suddenly feeling the irony of her unmedicated homebirth!!)

**right here is where the monitor went out for an hour and I watched some of season four of six feet under.  What will I do when I’m done with season five?  Seriously.  My mom brought us a new monitor ages ago and I am too lame to get my child-laden ass to fry’s to get on stinkin cable to hook it up.  Winner!**

After we got settled into bed, she told me about squid.  Squid, according to Sophie, are made of a brain (like what’s under the hair of people) and long hair.  They can blow black ink on you and they eat both people and fish with their circle mouth.  Funny girl.  Hope her finger is okay when she wakes up.

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  1. TitanKT

    So many people all sick at the same time! I don’t have the drippy nose… well, it DOES drip, just not out the front. Oh no… it slides down the back of my throat in giant snot floes that cause my throat to swell up and hurt like hell. And while I sleep, the snot floes get blown into my lungs so that next week, I’ll be hacking and coughing like Aqualung.

    My son, he’s already well into the Aqualung phase, he also knows about pharmaceuticals, I give him Triaminic NIGHTtime cough medicine, thus insuring that he will not only not cough, but also not be awake. Ha, ha! How clever am I!?!

    I hope you feel better soon. And I hope I feel better soon… and my son… and my mom… and several other of my online friends all currently complaining of various cold annoying cold symptoms.


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