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Big Sur

(I guess I’m trying to NaBloPoMo.  I’d post about the hurricane or politics, but I don’t have it in me.  Too heartbreaking and too stressful.  Instead I’ll be a self-centered brat and reminisce about how I didn’t do much of anything last weekend and how incredible that was.  But I’m not going to use a lot of exclamation points or anything, because I am too wiped out from this week.)
Last weekend Scuba and I had a little mini getaway for a couple of days.  We camped here for one night, but were so rushed and busy getting out of town that we didn’t have a chance to prepare or pack any food.  That, it turned out, was a pretty good turn of events, since we didn’t have to worry about critters bugging us, or cook or do any dishes (though Scuba did make us espresso on the camping stove because we are fancy) and we had to have breakfast here.  
Both days we talked about hiking – Big Sur is gorgeous.  See?  I even packed my running shoes and clothes and thought about exercising.  And both Saturday and Sunday we instead parked it on my favorite mainland beach and just stretched out on our blanket and had a beer and did nothing for hours on end.  Heaven.  We also went and sat in the river behind The Big Sur River Inn, where they have adirondack chairs in the water.  That was heaven, too.  We’ve both been rushed and busy since we got home, and when I’m feeling overwhelmed I take a breath and go back there in my head.  I’ve visited in my mind a lot this week.  Like, right now, for example, when the neighbor kid is blasting crappy music with the bass cranked up enough to vibrate my bedroom wall.  I’m back here in my room pretending I’m stretched out in the sun, listening to the ocean instead, planning to clear out as much stuff as possible this weekend to get us closer to moving out of here since Scuba and I are looking for a house together.  (See how I just slipped that in there?)

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