Back to school?

I am always trying to think of some sort of work-from-home kind of occupation so that I can make the big bucks without putting the kids in daycare. Nothing so far has even come close to working out, and I refuse to do any of the pyramid kind of things. So, an idea I have had for a pretty long while is that I might be happy working as an esthetician. That’s someone who does facials and waxing, aromatherapy and skin care type stuff. I like the idea of wearing a lab coat, and it would force me to take better care of my skin and get my hair cut more than every two years. I’d have to keep my hands looking nice, too. These are important career choices, no? Sorry, I’m punchy tired. Anyhow, it’s something I think I could do well, and probably part time and I think I would mostly like it. There is a local community college that offers classes, and I think I could (if John is willing to be on his own with the kids on Saturdays from 9 till 2ish) take classes starting this September. I’m not sure, but it looks to be a one year program. So, by the time Nate started first grade, actually the summer before, I could be a working mom again. Hmmm. Maybe I’d even learn how to put on makeup decently and conquer those dark circles under my eyes. (Side note, I’m sure you mean well, people, but I for one do not like it when I am told that I look tired. You say, “OH, you look so tired!” and I think, well, “bite me you creep.” So, find something nice to say or just skip that part of the conversation. I know that I have dark circles under my eyes. They are always there. It’s partly from allergies, partly from having thin veiny skin, and partly from an inability to permanently give up dairy. Oh yeah, and partly from never getting any sleep.)

I am wearing my wedding band on a chain around my neck. I got a blister on the inside of my finger and it won’t heal. There’s shiny wrinkly red tight skin there now, and I am putting neosporin on it.

If you like Jolie Holland (Veggie Mama, this means you!), you ought to check out the new (and old, too) Jesse Sykes.

John is home and it’s his turn to blog.

2 thoughts on “Back to school?

  1. shannon

    Ugh – summer ring syndrome. Every single year I get that same blistery red tight skin under my wedding rings – haven’t put them around my neck yet this year, but it’s only June.. Feeling you, mama!

  2. Michelle

    For what it’s worth, my mom was an estetichin (sp?) for a while, and enjoyed the work. The hardest part for her was mainitaing the business end – keeping the books etc. She’s more a creative soul than a numbers girl. But she made good money, doing facials, waxing and permanant makeup. She was single though, and with no retirement benefits etc. she eventually moved to a city job with a pension. But being married and all, hopefully that’s not as much a concern for you.


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