Bank of Love

Here’s something that I’ve had magneted to the fridge for ages.  Sophie made it for me at school for Mother’s Day a couple of years back:

loving you is enough

When she presented it to me, I had to laugh.  Turns out she thought that the coupon was meant for her to get one of those things from me, so what looks like her being extremely full of herself is really her saying that she’s happy for me just to love her, and I don’t even have to clean her room or give her an hour to herself. 


Also pulled from the fridge to share:

my pet chicken - very nice!

Willow spent forever making these tiny little drawings and putting them all over the house.  I can’t explain why, but I adore the bottom right one: My pet chicken.  Very nice!

I had to ground one of my kids tonight for choosing to get up in my face in a disrespectful way rather than follow the very clear direction I was giving him.  It was a rough night.  I’ve never grounded him before, but tomorrow after school he’s coming straight home to clean the bathroom and his room.  He was so upset with me, both of us near tears, but we talked about why I grounded him and throughout the evening we’ve made things right.  Funny thing is that we spent more, and much better quality, time together tonight than we have in awhile.  Maybe he just needed a better-defined boundary from me.  I don’t usually have the energy or inclination to be a hard ass.  Is there a class I can take? 

2 thoughts on “Bank of Love

  1. Sara

    Community Ed maybe has a Hardassery for Bewildered Parents 101?
    I don’t mind the stubborned child fights; I can yell with the best of them. It’s the sensitive types that cry the minute I say, “I think perhaps it’s best if you practiced piano before you go to your friend’s house after school” that I have a tough time not caving to.

  2. Jenijen

    Ooooh. I have one of those, too. But she’s starting to outgrow it and is starting to throw around the dramatic sighs and whatevers. I miss the days when a cookie and a hug solved nearly every problem.


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