Brown rice

I’ve been reading blogs and thouroughly (whoo! do I ever miss blogger’s spell checker!) enjoying myself. The kids keep waking up for brief moments. Luckily I was able to guide Nate to the bathroom before he could pee on the floor.

Speaking of pee, Soph has been going tinkle in the potty. Pretty soon I’ll only have one child in diapers. That’s good future light for the tunnel.

It’s like summer here, 87 degrees yesterday. Can anyone explain why 87 degrees is so much hotter in August than it is in March?

The pop-up blocker is on but nobody is home. They keep getting through. They are trying to sell me (there’s another two of them) pot. Wrong demographic, dude. I need no pot, I have free sleep deprivation to keep me loopy.

I had an elaborate dream that included (among other weirdness) me having the job of organizing all the white house (not W, just a dream prez) Christmas (another pop-up, for cigarettes!) festivities. Ewww. I was glad to wake up. The dream also involved a grisly murder and body disposal and me taping up a woman’s nose, but you aren’t interested. It’s funny about the tape; I have to tape the feeding tube to Willow’s nose so she won’t pull it out and I know that’s why it was in there.

Tonight’s dinner was alrighty. Warm pita bread; brown rice ( I know, I know, but it was so good!) cooked with veg bullion and tossed with scallions and spinach and a little butter; and a lentil salad with feta, tomatoes, scallions and vinagarette. Willow and Nate both loved the rice. Brown rice! I got two of my kids to eat brown rice. Sophie would have tried it, but she was returned home sleeping which was no surprise since she wouldn’t nap today. Tomorrow is a veggie sandwich concoction with pepperoncini and olives and capers and whatnot. If I remember to get the bread, that is. Must go to store. Must go to bed, I’m sort of dozing off a little. I hate going to bed sometimes. I just want to do so much while the kids are asleep.

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