Feed me, Seymour

Hi. I'm going to watch Justified and make out with these here grilled cheese sammiches. <3

Udi’s makes the BEST gluten free bread, but it’s little so a girl has no choice but to make two grilled cheese sammiches at a time.  

I am hungry ALL the time, but I can’t eat very much at once so I’m eating ALL DAY LONG.  I know, call the whaaaaambulance.  Today, though, I forgot that I have to eat six times more than I used to, and I took my lunch break at 2:30 so I could go to the bank and the pharmacy.  I was driving to the bank, three hours after I’d eaten last, when suddenly I had to eat.  Immediately.  I was so hungry I got all shaky and almost threw up.  I was right near my favorite Mexican restaurant so I pulled in and asked for a plain quesadilla and chips and watermelon agua fresca to go.  I was so sad to not have any salsa or guacamole.  So sad!  Especially when they asked me seven times if I was sure that I didn’t want any salsa.  Sad.
I don’t think I’ll be like this forever and ever.  I hope not.  It’s enough of a pain having to stop and eat so frequently when I’m at home.  I’ll have to bring a portable mini fridge if I want to leave the house for more than two hours. 
My second surgery is scheduled for May 10th.  I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be so close to being done with the operating part and getting on to the getting well part.  Hmmm, except I just realized that surgery = no eating.  I cannot fathom that at the moment, but maybe that’s just because it’s been an hour since I last ate. 
I’m starting to feel better, have a little more energy.  Yesterday was my first day back at work, and I was able to put in a full day, cook an easy supper, and do some laundry before I had to take a nap at 7:20 p.m.  I’m getting there.  

5 thoughts on “Feed me, Seymour

  1. Lin Ilsley

    You are doing wonderfully well, Jen. You had major surgery and you are recovering amazingly quickly…even if it feels snail-slow to you. Soon you’ll get that second surgery behind you and then…watch out world. xoxo

  2. sam

    i don’t think you’ll be like this forever and ever either. even when our lives had intersected way-back-when-way-too-long-ago, you were always a tough cookie! i have complete faith you will come out of this beautifully, as always. besides, a quesadilla is still delicious – even w/o salsa.
    also, even with regular sized bread, this girl often makes two grilled cheeses. i wouldn’t worry.

  3. Jen

    Wow. I’m thrilled to see you doing so well, so quickly. That is some major surgery you went through, and you are accomplishing as much as I do in a normal day when I’m healthy. I’m so glad for you that the sick and pain are almost over, and you can get back to enjoying life.


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