Good mom bad mom

Some of the things I have said and done lately:

  • I was on the phone with Jenny this morning, talking about work stuff, when I saw the lunches I’d made for the boys on the kitchen table.  I thought that Lex had already left, and I knew that Nate had, because Lex was supposed to take his lunch to him at school.  When I saw the lunches I said to Jenny, Dude, I’m going to freaking kill Alex!  And Alex, who was still home, said, Why are you going to freaking kill me?
  • Confession bullet: neither one of us really used the word “freaking.”
  • I bought the girls very fancy (pricey) Valentine making kits with gorgeous paper and ribbons and stuff.  My kids always have to make their own Valentines, no grocery store ones allowed.  They finally like it better this way.  It took a long time of listening to crying about not having Rugrats Valentines, though.
  • I told Nate that I’d drive him fifteen miles away to a store tomorrow night after dinner so he can buy an airsoft gun.  An airsoft gun that he’s not allowed to keep at my house, because I have issues with those things.  But I’m taking him because he’s going away for the weekend and NEEDS to have it.  He has to use his own money, though.
  • I’ve accepted the fact that this is my twelve year old son’s favorite song.
  • I wrote a note for Sophie to walk instead of run in PE today, even though I know she’s probably capable.
  • I suggested that Soph’s science fair project this year be “Will Sugar Make Kids Run Faster?”  Willow came up with the title: “Sugar Rush?”

look, mom! it's a leprechaun toilet!

  • YOU GUYS!  STOP calling it a Leprechaun Toilet.  It makes me gag every time I pour myself a glass of water!
  • I bought a twelve pack of organic chocolate milk juiceboxes for the kids’ lunches and told them not to get used that sort of thing, because it hardly ever goes on sale.  
  • I bought four tickets to go see Social Distortion in February.  Me, Scuba, Lex, and Nate.  This weekend, I’ll pick up the new disc for my boys.  All three of them.  

  • It costs way more to go see a punk band than it did back in the day.  Just sayin.

6 thoughts on “Good mom bad mom

  1. Shoebox Princess

    Re: the airsoft gun. That’s a tough line to tread. One of my kids got a few packages in the mail a few months ago–turns out he’d been ordering throwing knives over the internet! I nearly flipped out. I have my rules, but he’s 18. When do my rules for the kids become merely suggestions?

  2. Jenijen

    Throwing knives? I totally understand the appeal, but, yikes! I’d be nervous about that, too. My kids have been taking some rules as suggestions for a long time (no eating in the living room, don’t hit each other). I guess all we can do is point them in the right direction best we can and cross our fingers. xo

  3. kayla

    I’m with your twelve year old – I love that song too. šŸ˜‰ My twelve year old’s favorite song right now is “Space Oddity” but it’s only a matter of time before he hears that one….


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