hello, pretty northern california morning

I’m not a talented gardener, but I’m hoping that’s just because I’ve never taken the time to study exactly what I’m supposed to be doing besides water+sunlight+soil+encouraging talk.  I’ve got this yearslong daydream about growing flowers and tomatoes and lemons and eggplant and limes and hot peppers.  It even includes a funky, tiny little greenhouse with peeling white paint and glass so old it’s like looking through water.

The lemon tree in the backyard is nearly the only thing I love about where we live right now.  We make awesome lemonade and lemon bars and lemon chicken.  Being able to say to one of the kids while I’m cooking supper, Run outside and grab me a lemon, okay? makes it feel a little bit like I’m living the dream, you know?  Plus, they’re Meyer lemons.  They’re really, really, really good.  This weekend I’m going to start a few seeds and see what I can get.  Someday I’ll move out of this place and I’m not leaving without my lemons. 

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  1. Lady Jennie

    I stopped by to see the blogher ad layout. When we moved into this house, we inherited a bunch of fruit trees – 2 apples, 2 apricots, a plum, a hazelnut. And so what the heck? We planted a cherry and some kiwis. Oh and some grapes. It’s not that I have a particularly green thumb, but when you inherit some already made, you begin to see the possibilities.

  2. karen

    I’ve been a long time reader, I live in Indianapolis, In, my daughter and I are flying into Sacremento on Tues night to visit my dad and his girlfriend who live in Manteca. We LOVE Santa Cruz and will probably cough up the cash to stay two nights there. Do you have any suggestions for cool places to eat? I would love to meet you, but totally understand if you are hesitant. I know there are a lot of crazy people out there. We are flying in the the 7th (late) and leaving the 15th. Kinda scared to drive there, usually my dad comes along, but I don’t think he will this trip. Any whoo, if you could respond would greatly appreciate it. Love the Santa Cruz Diner! Just really love Santa Cruz. Really like your blog.

  3. Jenijen

    Hello, Lady Jennie – thanks for stopping by and thanks for the reminder about keeping an eye out for possibilities. My lemon seeds never did sprout so I’m going to give it another try (after I do some research on how to do it right).


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