Happy Birthday Ashley!

My older younger sister (I have two little sisters, and I’m talking about the older one) turns twenty three today.  She just pulled a 4.0 at UC Santa Cruz, because she’s really smart.  Further proving her intelligence, she also just got engaged to her kick-ass boyfriend.  He got her the prettiest ring, picked it out himself.  My mom says that after seeing me in action, she has vowed to not have kids until she’s over 30.  Heh.  (Doesn’t she know how much more tired she’ll feel after 30 though???)  They’re going to get married in the fall of 2006, after she graduates.  I’m really happy for them.

So, Nathan’s test was positive for strep, and I took Sophie in for a test yesterday.  Haven’t heard back yet on hers.  She’s the only child around here not on antibiotics.  Yikes.

We are listening to the audio tape of Little House on the Prairie, read by Cherry Jones.  I love snuggling with the kids and hearing about Pa and Ma building the house and about the wolves that circled it, howling.  It would be fun, when Willow is older, to travel out to that part of the country and see where they lived. 

Sophie topped her own disgusting insult: she called me, "butt hair salad."  I only encourage her by laughing, but, man, that girl is creative. 

On Sunday, after a fabulous brunch at my mom’s (one of the appetizers was cashews with rosemary, butter, brown sugar and cayenne. oh. my. so. good.), I took apart the washer with John’s help.  We got the water pump off, and sure enough, it’s the problem.  I ordered a new one, which should arrive tomorrow.  The part, plus another part they recommend you replace if you’re replacing the pump (I figure I’ll do as they say) plus the manual came to only eighty bucks, shipping included.  I know that we saved a bunch of money on that repair.  But, it isn’t working yet, so I’m not counting my chickens. 

I have to go get everyone ready to drop Nate off at school.  He’s been on his medicine long enough to be non contagious, so back he goes. 

Heh.  Sophie is mad and came back here stamping her foot.  She said, "What is that sound!?"  And I said, "Hmmm, what is that sound?"  She said, "IT’S ME STAMPING MY FOOT ON YOUR BUTT!"  Any suggestions?  Please.

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  1. snakehairedgirl

    Just stopping by to say Hi! Hope Willow is doing better and you’re closer to figuring out what’s going on with her. I’m totally impressed with your handy-woman technique with broken appliances. I’m inspired. Take care.


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