Happy Mama’s Day!

I’m tired out from having fun. We took Willow and John’s mom to Hidden Villa’s Mother’s Day celebration. There was a Maypole, buttermaking, animal visiting, and a mud pie contest. John won the adult division. Photos to come soon! Willow was frightened by the pigs (the woman with the slop walked up to the pigs from behind us and I’m sure Willow thought that they thought that she was their meal) and by the goat who sneezed on her feet. She enjoyed the vegan solar oven baked cookies and the hike, though. I hit the little t-shirt stand and got new Hidden Villa tees for the kids and a couple of new tops for myself.

For Mother’s Day Lexy gave me soap and a little pin that he made at school. Nathan made a sweet print of his little hands and stamped “Happ’y Mother’s Da’y 2004” around it. The teacher laminated it, which was a swell idea. John gave me the newest Jolie Holland cd, escondida, which I’m listening to now. I really wish I could sing. I told him no presents since we just plunked down lots and lots of money to fix the air conditioner in the van and get airline tickets to Toronto, but he knew I really wanted this cd.

I talked to my mom and my grandmothers today. I wish there weren’t so many miles between California and Texas.

And I wish there were more hours between bedtime and morning, but there aren’t so I will go sleep.

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