Hot enough for ya?

finally cooling off at 9:30 pm

Even with open windows and doors and a nice breeze outside, it was 80 degrees in the house last night at 9:30 and it’s supposed to be hotter today.  I don’t mind the heat that much anymore (5+ years of hot yoga has broken me of my heatphobia), but I do mind that the kids get crabby and we have bugs coming in all the open windows and doors.  
Scuba called around 5:30 and asked if we wanted to go walk the creek trail after supper, so after we ate the girls and I (and Soph’s friend who spent the night) grabbed helmets and scooters, a bike for Soph, and went to meet him.  It was a gorgeous evening.


Just after I took that photo, we headed back toward the car.  There’s a really long and quite steep hill, and Willow decided to scooter down it before I could stop her.  She was going SO fast I started crying, watching her put the bottom of her little foot to the pavement to try and slow down.  She fell, hard, sliding on her chest to a stop.  Then, she popped up, yelled that she was fine and hopped back on the scooter for a little while.  After about five minutes she started feeling the pain and the scared and Scuba carried her scooter while she and I walked together, my arm around her.  
I hate it when my kids get hurt.  Especially the scary kind of hurt like that.
We got home and put her into a cool bath, washed her hair and cleaned up her skinned knee and inner elbow.  

muppet bandaids for my little radical scooter girl

As she was getting into bed in her stuffy room she said, Thank you for making me feel all better, mama.  And then my heart melted into a puddle.
I’ve got a lead on three more rentals, and am going to see the most expensive but largest one today.  I’m taking Willow with me to improve my odds of scoring.  I think I might actually be first in line for it, so if the people don’t care about my sordid past like the woman who owned the other house seemed to have, *eyeroll* then maybe we’ll get it.  It’s three blocks from the high school in the neighborhood I want to be in (which, because I’m a pain in the ass, is made up of only six possible very short streets, but five really since I don’t want to live on the ‘busy’ one of them).  If this one falls through, the one that’s open on Saturday is cheaper and has a pool.  My dream of having a beer fridge in the garage is going to come true this summer, I can feel it!      

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