I guess I had this coming

While I was typing the previous post, which had to do with the post before that, guess what the girls did?

Sophie climbed up the shelves in the fridge and got the eggs.  When I went out to the living room there was a carton of eggs on the couch.  Sophie was holding one, and Willow had smashed one in her special egg smashing spot.  There was another in Willow’s hand, and a cracked one in the carton. 

I sort of flipped out.  But not as much as I wanted to.  Next time I get all morose about my baby turning three years old soon and start going on about how much I love little babies, remind me that they become toddlers.  I wish I could lock myself in the bathroom and have a hot bath with a good book.  Or something.

4 thoughts on “I guess I had this coming

  1. Jamie

    OMG.. that is too much..we have a dog to clean up broken eggs..lol..I am so more of a go with the flow I would probably go buy them some eggs and let them go to town..
    I remember this same type thing my kiddos obbsessions were bandaids for one, and tea bags for another…(I was working full time when my oldest was a toddler so who knows what his was…probably playing in the mud and I mean from head to toe the clothes needed to stay outside till the mud could be caked off kind of mud play….which he still loved to do till he was about 12yo.

  2. TitanKT

    Get a combination padlock for that fridge! Don’t tell Willow or Sophie the combination, your boys will probably think that’s so cool. Hehe.

    And perhaps Miss Willow will be less inclined to make giant messes if she’s made to help clean them up? Maybe she already does, but if not, worth a try…

  3. Marsha

    Remember in Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing, when Fudge wouldn’t eat his dinner and the dad said eat it or wear it? And then dumped a plate of (I think) spaghetti on Fudge’s head. The devil in me wishes you could go buy a ton of eggs, sit the girls in the tub and break them all on their precious little heads. ha, ha.

    Sorry they are being such stinkers.

    Liver and spinach for dinner!


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