if you can’t beat them, give them cereal

I am so sleepy.  My eyes keep closing, and the hum of the leaf blower down the street is like a siren, calling me to sleep.  Sleep, it says, you know you want to.  I have to leave in a few minutes to get the boys, but I did have a ten minute slot to take a power nap.  So, I set the alarm and flopped on the bed.  Right away, I was well on my way to slumber, when Sophie comes in.  She wants me.  To.  Whatever.  She doesn’t know.  I say, "Mama just needs to rest for a minute.  I’ll get up and do it in a minute.  Just give me till the alarm goes off."  No.  She wants a bubble bath.  She promises to take it very fast.  Then she wants candy.  Then she wants cereal.  Now I am awake, so I grumpily get the cereal and when she comes in halfway through eating it to interrupt me checking my email to demand a Clifford video, I threaten to pour the cereal out if she does not go eat it RIGHT NOW.  Don’t they know that mamas get cranky when they miss their naps?  It’s pretty damn obvious.

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