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Hey I got tagged for the very first time!! by Refinnej.  Guess I should look up what "meme" really means.  I don’t know, and I’m not ashamed.  Let’s take a break to see. 

okay, then MEME

Not some sort of form of memo like I thought. 

And here is the meme I was tagged with.  I’d have seen it sooner, but my blogsurfing is limited by the monitor that shorts out or gets too hot or whatever.  Yeah.  Still.  My mom brought us one, but by the time I finally got my ass to circut city (they didn’t have one) to office max to buy a cable, something (I’m guessing child-related, since they can’t keep their mits to themselves) happened to it and it doesn’t work.  What am I babbling on for? 

Ten Years Ago:
I was childless!  And I didn’t know that I should have been doing everything I ever wanted to do within the next year.  Ha.  I was in the process of looking for an apartment with my first husband (we’d been married four years, had broken up and were trying to get back together).  I was waiting tables and managing at a little four star cafe that is now closed.  I had recently dropped out of college in my senior year at San Francisco State.   

Five Years Ago:
Lexy was three almost four and Nate was one almost two.  I found out that I was pregnant with Sophie.

One Year Ago:
I celebrated my two year wedding anniversary with John, and Willow turned one and a half.  We had been in this duplex for three years. 

I took Sophie to get her chicken pox vaccine before preschool.  I didn’t tell her where we were going, and after she got her shot she asked me, "Mama, why you not tell me this is where we were going to go?"  I told her that I didn’t want her to spend a long time feeling afraid.  She accepted that.  We came home for lunch, and she found one of Lexy’s slings (from one of the numerous times he broke his arm) and wore it to preschool.  I spent lots of time in the car, and officially started my turned-thirty-five-midlife-crisis.  Commemerated the occasion by listening to fifteen-year-old cassette tapes. (I publicly apologize for really liking the Cranberries so much when I was twenty.  Very embarassing to listen to those horrid lyrics now!) Went to target and bought snark boi and lavvva grl for the kids and a bright orange bathroom scale.  Confirmed that I am overweight by consulting the phamplet that came with the scale.  Had a rough afternoon with the kids after school due to Lexy not winning the student council election and the cold Nathan is coming down with.  Did lots of dishes, but not laundry, so now must go wash clothes. 

Five Songs I Know All The Words To:
Wiggly Christmas by the Wiggles
Coward of the County by Kenny Rodgers
Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen
Fifteen Miles on the Eerie Canal
everything recorded by the Cowboy Junkies

Five Snacks:
Greek youghurt with honey
cantalope with marcona almonds
mango with sweet sticky rice (served for dessert at Thai restaurants)
apples with peanut butter
pears with cheese

Five things I’d do with 100 million dollars:
buying a house here in silicon valley would take most of that these days
start a program to provide a stipend to moms who want to stay home with their kids
convert all vehicles to non-oil run engines
pay Bush and cronies to take a permanent vacation
make more episodes of Six Feet Under and buy an iPod nano

(I know a hundred million would not go that far, but the whole thing is a fantasy anyway)

Five places I’d run away to:
New York City in the 1940’s

Five things I would never wear:
a bathing suit
white pants
sleeveless anything
belly-showing anything

Five Favourite TV Shows
Six Feet Under
Quantum Leap
My So-Called Life
Freaks and Geeks
The Sopranos

Five greatest joys
peeing alone
showering alone

Current Reads:
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
current issue of Bust
current issue of East Village Inky
the newspaper
the fucking scale phamplet

Five People I am tagging to do this:

everyone must participate!

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  1. Dixie

    I just did this meme a couple weeks ago so I’m taking a pass but I have to say that I love that you picked New York City in the 1940s. I have a 40s fascination myself and there’s something about 1940s New York that’s so appealing to me.


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