I’m unfunny

I finally hauled my ass over to the dmv today, just me and my knitting and a bunch of important papers and my checkbook.  My excellent sister came by to watch the monkeys.  I was sad to be in and out in less than an hour. 

The guy who helped me looked at my shirt, puzzled.  "Writing is the best revenge. . . what’s fussy?"  "Oh," says I, "it’s my friend’s website."  (cause who wants to explain the whole phenomenon, and I did meet her, after all, lucky me) 

"Why is it the best revenge?" 
"Uh, you know the saying about living well?"
blank stare
"Okay, so how much is the tax and transfer and all that?"
"Three fifty seven."
I decide not to do any Dirty Harry impressions or even make a reference.  Too much work.  I hand him a check and say, "It would be really funny if you made people show their license when they wrote a check!"

*thinks a moment*  "Why would that be funny?"
"Uh, ’cause it’s the dmv, and you guys give out the licenses, you know?"
"Am I all done then?"

18 thoughts on “I’m unfunny

  1. Vanessa

    Oh! That makes me feel like such an ass when I’m face to face with a moron who doesn’t get my jokes. I feel like an ass for even bothering.

  2. Jenny

    Did you tell him you were going to blog his ignorant, humorless ass? And THAT writing your entry would be excellent revenge for having wasted a joke on him?

  3. katie

    I just found you via fussy and I’m sooo excited! I will be here very often now. You seem to have a beautiful family and are just my cup of witty tea.

  4. jess

    I thought it was funny too! I totally know what you mean i often feel my humor is lost in the delivery. I chalk it up to they’re all dimwits.

    Happy driving!

  5. Jenn

    Oh, jenijen, I would have been in line behind you laughing myself silly at this exchange. I love it when I overhear a conversation gone bad and extend it. I would have loved to have been next in line and said something like, “Hello. Do you need to actually see my driver’s license to write a check, being the DMV and all. My friends just refer to me as Fussy.” Just to make him think he was in his own hell.

    Miss you!

  6. mindyr

    I’m with Late Edition. Although I love it when someone gets it right away, a small part of me is going, “Aww, man, there will be no having fun with this one.”

  7. Ada

    For shame. Such good ones, too.

    Dirty Harry. Ha!
    Licence. Ha!

    Lord love a duck, to work at the dmv one MUST have a sense of humour, no? That man/boy/child(?) must suffer.


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