In the middle of checking my email,

sophpaint4Sophie came into the bedroom saying, “LOOKIT I BOOOTEFULL!”

sophpaint2I should have seen it coming.

sophpaint3She put her hands in her oatmeal at breakfast and was crusty up to her elbows.

sophpaint5I guess she likes the tactile kind of play.

sophbath1About now I’m really happy we made the whale water scooper out of an old milk jug. Water was scooped. And scooped.

sophbath2I don’t know what she’s so surly about.

holycrapthefloor1Why yes, that did prompt a call to my mom!

holycrapthefloor2See the goo. Appreciate the thickness of it.

girlstubWitness her teaching her little sister how to be evil.

4 thoughts on “In the middle of checking my email,

  1. shannon

    Oh my Oh my Oh my…. What an artist, certainly – at least performance art. Hope you’re all a bit cleaner by now, and that the carpet/house recovers!

  2. Rachael

    Oh my goodness! She sure covered herself didn’t she? Looks like she had a blast though. I bet it is hard to get mad at such an adorable face.

  3. elayne

    *jaw drops*

    but… but… but she IS boooooteefull!

    Oh, Jen, she’s going to break hearts left and right. She takes my breath away.

    I TOTALLY do not envy your cleanup job, though.


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