in the minvan

Lexy went on a field trip to Monterrey today and the whole third grade rode on chartered buses.  When I picked him up from school, he was telling me all about the bus (the aquarium paled in comparison, I suppose) and how it had:

  • individual seats!
  • a television monitor and videos!!!!
  • a bathroom!

Here, I interrupted him and asked him if he peed in the bathroom.  "YES!"  he said.  And we high-fived.   

Last week we were driving to get Sophie from preschool.  The drive is a bit of a hike for the boys, who are just wanting to go home and veg after a long day of the rigors of elementary school.  To make things fun, I turned to Lexy, riding in the passenger seat, when we were on a straightaway and I said, "Let’s see how fast this baby can go!" and I floored it.  His eyes got really wide.  "Mom!" he hissed at me, "I think you are breaking the speed limit."  So I slowed down. 

And today, when we went to pick up our little buddy C from play practice, a Led Zeppelin song came on the radio.  Without any prompting, the girls broke into full-on headbanger carseat dances.  I wept, I was so proud.

Be very jealous.  It is beautiful here and we drove with the windows down and have the front door and windows open at home.  I know it won’t last, but it’s really perfect right. now.

7 thoughts on “in the minvan

  1. Mary

    I would be jealous except… I live here, too!

    I love the rocking out to Led Zeppelin image in my head. I think I would really get along with your kids.


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