The Seaswings at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  Polaroid One Step, Impossible Project PX 680 Cool shade film.  

I got my first Polaroid in probably 1976.  It was this one.  I’ve only got a dozen or so of the photos I took with it, and the camera seems to be gone.  I thought I knew where it was, but I finally gave up looking.  
Last year Kim gave me a Polaroid One Step and Andrea gave me some Impossible Project film.  And I took some really awful photos.  Bad, bad photos.  And one that I liked.  I decided to hang in there and things slowly improved.  
After our epic hike on Saturday, followed by a handful of ibuprofen washed down with a margarita on the patio of a restaurant in Carmel Valley, Scuba and I went to The Boardwalk, all by ourselves.  Dude, it was so much fun.  We rode the Giant Dipper after all the lights came on but just before the sun was all the way down.  We went on the ferris wheel and the log ride, and rode the little car through the Haunted House.  I brought the One Step along in my purse, and stood under The Seaswings as the sun was going down and ended up with the image above.  I can’t get a good scan of it, and what’s above is taken with my phone.  But the real thing, the photo sitting propped up against a picture frame on my desk?  Is making me loopy happy, like endorphins pumping and everything.  The happiness is coming partly from the image and partly from the kickass day that it came from.  Last Saturday is my new happy place.  You know?  The place you can go visit in your mind when the place you are is awful.  And I’ve got a photo in case I ever start to forget it.         

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