Kitchen Lust

We don’t have a mouse pad, though we need one, so I took the Crate and Barrel catalog off the bathroom floor and tried it out on the computer desk. It didn’t work. I just wanted an excuse to keep looking at the photo of these bowls that I’m lusting after. I’ve been cooking a whole lot lately and I want all sorts of kitchen things. I would have loved this when I was making zucchini bread the other day. And, let’s see, I want these to hang in the girls’ room as a nightlight. In the not-too-distant past before I cut up all the credit cards, I’d have bought one or probably all of those things, along with these corn cob holders , these leftover containers, this syrup pitcher , and these cute cute fruit ice cubes. Someday when the kids are big and I have a job I will shop again. Carelessly.

I took the boys to their rock climbing class today. Last week Sophie came along, thus crediting my future time served in hell by at least three months. Oh. My. God. She was a NIGHTMARE. Of course that was the day the class went over by thirty five minutes. Today she went to the park with my wonderful friend KR, who also showed up at dinnertime last night with a little play structure that a neighbor was giving away. She knew I’d been wanting one, so she just put it in her truck and drove it over. It was a big hit after I cleaned it up and John helped me put it together. That reminds me. . .

I tried to fix the bathroom sink. Thought I’d flip the washer over and see if that would stop the leaky drippiness. Guess what? There is NO washer on the hot water side. Hence, the drippiness. So, I just left the hot water off. If you need it and I’m not here, it’s the handle on the left hand side in the cabinet under the sink. Turn it to the left a turn or two and you’ll have hot water. Wanna go to the hardware store with me tomorrow night?? Oh no. You have a work meeting. Poo. Guess I’ll just go with Willow. I promise not to buy lots of stuff. You know how I love the hardware store. See you later. I love you,

Tomorrow morning I am working at Nate’s preschool. Sophie will go to KR’s house and Willow will come with me. I hope Willow is a little less cranky. She’s getting another molar and isn’t so happy about it.

I should sleep.

But first, I’ll finish my beer (!!!) and blog surf. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Lust

  1. Rachael

    Okay just seeing all of those items made me want them. I love Crate and Barrel. The catolog has to be hidden so I don’t spend our life savings on nicnac’s for the house.

  2. shannon

    We have a yellow glass batter bowl like that… we were out at garage sales and I spotted it in a dusty old shed with the matching mixing bowl. it’s great – we use it every Saturday, as it’s E’s official “pancake bowl” 🙂 Those glass leftover containers are a great idea to avoid plastic…. Hugs, Shannon


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