How could I forget??

Tonight’s dinner was a vegan (except I was out of soy milk so used the cow kind) apple almond kugel. Every time I looked at the recipe I thought of my German midwife asking me if I’d been doing the exercises. Really it’s fettucini (alright, I used linguini but whatever) with grated apples, golden rasins and lemon juice, baked in a 9×13 pan with a sauce made from silken tofu, almond butter, sugar, cinnamon, soy milk and vanilla. Then you top it with a mixture of corn oil, bread crumbs, ground almonds, sugar and cinnamon and bake it a little more. Willow and John both loved it. I served it with cantelope (a very poor specimen, but nobody seemed to care) and broccoli, which didn’t really fit in too well, but that is what Sophie wanted to eat.

Oh shit. Now I have to go eat some more.

2 thoughts on “Kugel

  1. Jenny

    Hey jen-

    If you can find the time, could you possibly post the exact recipe for this dish? (i’m a terrible cook but i’m willing to try!)

    I’m sitting at work, 30 minutes to lunch, and your description of “kugel” is making my stomach growl.



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