Like the moon and the stars and the sun

tree bones

(This one kept developing after I photographed it, and now it’s hardly got any blue left in it.  Phooey.  Good thing I got Susannah Conway’s book in the mail yesterday.)  
When I was a kid, my dad explained to me that part of what we, people, are made of is stardust.  That some of the elements we are made of, and that we need to even exist, came from stars.  They aren’t elements that came from earth, so we literally have stardust in our, what? DNA?  I’m not phrasing it nearly as well as he explained it to me, but I understood what he said and it really stayed with me.  Plus, it’s really cool, isn’t it?  To look at the stars and know that the same thing that makes them shine is what makes us alive.  
So, when I was on Facebook last Sunday and I saw that Amy Rice had added this new print to her shop
I had it in my cart and paid for as fast as I could work my iPhone.  The star charts in the antique atlas that she found and used to make the prints were first hand-drawn probably just around the time my dad was born.  Or when he was just starting to discover the night sky himself.  The first published version of the atlas came out in 1948, and he was born in 1944.  Anyway – I love it and can’t wait to get it framed and hung up.  

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