Lucky shot

Poppies Monterey Bay 3.16.13

I take a lot of terrible photos – expensive ones on instant film.  I cook a lot of awful meals, write a lot of bad prose, DIY a lot of projects that turn out all WTF?  I often regret what I say, struggle to make myself understood, and feel like a total jerk.  And then sometimes I get lucky and the light is lovely and the boats line up in the background and the poppies are bright orange and I sit on the ground next to them and focus the sx-70 correctly and have the exposure dial in the right place. 

2 thoughts on “Lucky shot

  1. Lindsey G

    I totally GET you! But geez I would be happy for months if someting THIS gorgeous popped out of my SX70!
    I was just doing some catching up on the Impossible blog and saw your travelog, it was like looking at myself! You see I was there too (MS2.0), SHOOTING IMPOSSIBLE FILM, how I didn’t run into you I will never know. I thought about submitting for travelog, and wouldn’t that have been funny because basically I took the same photos. Next time you are sin So Ca look me up we can commiserate on all the $$ we have invested in this crap shoot we call instant love!

  2. Jenijen

    Thanks, Lindsey! I can’t believe we didn’t get a chance to meet at Mom2.0! I will definitely look you up when I’m there next, and same goes for you if you’re up in the SF Bay Area.
    Bookmarking your blog so I can visit often. 🙂


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