My girls review Dreyer’s Shakes and Smoothies and give you a chance to win $100

When Dreyer’s asked me to review their new Shakes and Smoothies, I knew it would be a great opportunity to put my girls to work:  They’re honest, they love to eat, and they especially love ice cream.  First we went shopping, and bought nearly all the flavors in the freezer section.


Willow’s allergic to mango, so we skipped the Tropical Smoothie, even though it looked good. Then we came home for supper, and tried a couple of the Shakes for dessert (Chocolate and Cookies n’ Cream).

The girls were able to open and mix these up on their own, easily. I took video of the whole thing, but am too horrified by my voice to post it. I’ll just say that they were both very happy, loved the flavors, and asked if we could get these for “all the time?”

After they devoured every drop of their Shakes, I started looking at the labels a little more closely. The Smoothies are gluten-free, nut free, and kosher. The Shakes are all that, too, and only about half (or less) of the calories in a restaurant milkshake, which surprised me.

The next day was hot, and the girls had a friend over. After lunch, we went out to the backyard with a couple of Smoothies (Strawberry Bananna and Mixed Berry), the Vanilla Shake, and a few cups of milk.  Again I got out the video camera, but this time I let the girls do all the talking.

Dreyer’s smoothies & shakes from Jenifer Monroe on Vimeo.

You can see these were a BIG hit with all three kids, so I’ve promised to go back to the store and stock up. You’ll find special offers for Shakes and Smoothies on Dreyer’s Facebook page.  Looks like it’s time for me to get that second freezer set up in the garage. If you’re in need of cash to go toward a second fridge to store all your Dreyer’s Shakes and Smoothies in, be sure you enter to win the $100 Visa Gift Card that Dreyer’s is giving away to celebrate their newest release (info on how to enter will be at the bottom of this post).  Don’t have Dreyer’s in your area?  Ask for them under the name Edy’s.  There are also other chances to win on the roundup page, so be sure to visit the Promotions & Prizes section.  You’ll want to hurry up, as this sweepstakes is only running from August 16th through August 31st.  

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186 thoughts on “My girls review Dreyer’s Shakes and Smoothies and give you a chance to win $100

  1. Bonnie

    I would love to try the shakes when they (finally) appear on my grocery store shelf! I buy Edy’s ice cream all the time.

  2. Misty Gilbert

    How can I choose my favorite? I am in the mood for chocolate and then I am in the mood for something fruity. What to do? I know go to the freezer and make one in minutes. No waiting in a drive through no waiting in line….I love it. Never again will I say to my husband…I am in a mood for a milkshake will you go 10 miles to get me one? lol

  3. gina

    I tried these only because my mom had a coupon for them. They are sooooo good. My kids loved the strawberry banana and the cookies and cream. Quick, easy and delicious.

  4. Katie

    These sound really good! I like that you included info on the fact that they are gluten-free, nut free, and kosher and half the calories of a regular milkshake… just makes them that much more appealing, no? I think the cookies and cream flavor sounds delicious!

  5. Angella

    I’ve heard of these recently and am dying to try out a Cookies N Cream. Hope to find them in my local store sometime soon!

  6. Rebecca

    I have tried shakes from the freezer section before, but not this brand. The other one was not that flavorfull and a little chunky. I just heard about this and would love to try it out as I am a huge ice cream fan! Thanks!

  7. Marilyn Higgins

    I’m really looking forward to trying these, been looking at the store for them. Thanks for the chance to win

  8. Heather @ That Uncomfortable Itch

    If it’s gluten-free I can totally be down for this! I’m wallowing about the big boy going off to start his new life, have to go grocery shopping today to get lunch supplies for the younger two -so I’ll stop by the frozen section to see if our wee mountain grocery store carries anything so hip.

  9. Kelly Massman

    I’m not sure what question we are supposed to answer, but my favorite flavor of ice cream depends on my mood. Right now, it’s strawberry
    thanks also for a chance to win!

  10. Georgia

    I have not tried these yet but I am on my way to the store right now. I love a good smoothie, thanks!
    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  11. Erin

    I’ve been eyeing* the coupons for these for a while. They look really good and like a fun way to have a milkshake without going to an ice cream place or unearthing my blender. *wandering off to put these on the grocery list*
    *Firefox says that should be spelled with one ‘e’, but that just looks weird to me.

  12. Jammie

    I seen these the other day and almost bought a few, now I wish I would have! Next trip to the store we will be coming home with some dreyers.

  13. Amy Tong

    These look amazing and simple! I would love to try the chocolate shake because I’m crazy about chocolate. Thanks for a chance to win the gift card so I can stock up some of these shakes and smoothies!
    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  14. Jackie Ewing

    These looks so yummy! Thanks for the review. I’ve seen them in the store but wasn’t sure about trying them yet.

  15. savvyscheel

    I have not found these anywhere by us but will try them when they are here. ;would love to try chocolate
    savvyscheel at gmail dot com

  16. Rhonda Martin

    I’m in the mood for the Strawberry Banana Smoothie~! However I like them all. Tomorrow I would choose another flavor. It all depends on my mood. Thanks for sharing this yummy review and giveaway with all of us~!

  17. nanjhall

    I haven’t tried these yet, but would love to. We eat their ice cream all the time so I am sure we would like these.

  18. angie

    I don’t actually see a sweepstakes prompt in this post but will say that I have not heard of these before now! In my neck of the woods, Dryers is Edy’s and I went to thier website to check these out and would love to try the Sunrise blend smoothie! mmm! was happy to see it was vegetarian too!!!!

  19. Michelle Spayde

    Ok, Ok, I definitely have to try these because I’m far too lazy to make my own!!! YUM!!! Love that they’re lower in calories too!

  20. Kimberly B.

    I love chocolate ice cream, but the Cookie N’ Cream sounds really good. I like that the kids can make them without a mess.


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