Okay, I am sort of name dropping. Whatever.

Sophie is puppy sitting

Sophie’s puppysitting, so this little guy is just visiting, but OOF I wanna KEEP HIM
Scuba is driving me to San Francisco tomorrow morning at the crack of freaking crack so I can check into the hospital at 6:20 in the a.m. for my takedown surgery.  It’ll take us a little over an hour to get up there and park and hoof it from the parking garage to admitting, so I guess we’ll leave at 5.  All day long today I’ve not been allowed to eat, and I cannot properly stress how much this has broken me.  I can’t focus or remember what I need to.  I’m staring into space 38% more than usual.  I’m TOTALLY NOT READY to go to the hospital.  I have a ton of stuff to do still, but when I try to do anything I get confused and distracted.  Girl needs a cheeseburger, like, NOW.  
I’ve got a to-do list for today, and it looks like this:
  • Send thank you notes from first surgery – HAVE TO DO THIS
  • print photos for Soph’s fifth grade thing
  • set up email autoresponder out of office message
  • get astronaut costume for Willow and get props out of bin with Dad’s NASA stuff
  • Frozen lasagna and pizza for next week for kidsuppers
  • clean fish tank
  • 20 minutes
  • laundry – as much as possible
  • pack for hospital (bring the stuff)
Yes, it really says, “bring the stuff,” and I know what I’m talking about there, but when I was at the photo printing place waiting for pictures and checking my to-do list, I saw “20 minutes” on there and I got VERY NERVOUS because I only put super important shit on my to-do list for today, and “20 minutes” was ringing exactly zero bells.
I got the photos for Sophie’s thing and drove home trying to figure out what the hell.  I made my list this morning, but, still, nothing.  Finally, as I was trying to figure out how to set up my out of office reply, I remembered what “20 minutes” was and slapped my forehead.  
Turns out, it was a reminder to exercise today, which I did when I walked the girls to school this morning.  One mile in twenty minutes.  Done.  Anyway, I wanted to share this NYT article that Susie Bright (who my mom and I got to hang out with at Grace Davis‘ house and who is onfire smart and full of creative energy and a gorgeous, fantastic woman who also put me just ONE DEGREE away from the whole entire cast of Six Feet Under, which nearly makes me faint) linked to, because reading it made me feel so much better.  Basically it says that humans’ bodies work better when they’re doing something active for at least 20 minutes a day.  I’ve been horribly sedentary since my surgery, partly because I was too tired or too weak or too sore to exercise, so I just didn’t do anything.  But, hey, I can do 20 minutes of something unsedentary even the day of or after my next surgery, so thanks to Susie I’m going to be healthier this time around.  I’m really tempted to take my walks around the neighborhood wearing this shirt, but it might wreck all the girls’ playdates, so I’ll have to really think about it.   
Okay, then.  I’m off to take the “20 minutes” off my list and get my things (and the stuff) packed for tomorrow.  Then, I’m going to take a xanax so I can fall asleep because if I stay awake much longer I will go to the kitchen and start eating and then they’ll cancel my surgery.  So. Hungry.  
If we’re not already friends on the FB, let’s be. I’m lazy and there more often because it’s right there on my phone and easy to coordinate, even when I’m about to pass out from HUNGRY.  xo
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