Pig jelly soap breath

Sophie was feeling extra creative when we played our funny name-calling game today.  Here are some of the funnier ones:

  • grasshopper butt
  • peanut water
  • monkey marble sandwich
  • egg jump house
  • basket tongue
  • closet butt toy (can’t wait for the google search hits on that one)
  • smelly chicken underwear
  • horse butt wipe
  • cheese booger butt head

And, my favorite,

  • pig jelly soap breath

(These are pretty much just funny to me, I think, but I do need a good place to store them.)

2 thoughts on “Pig jelly soap breath

  1. Jenny M

    Oh please, keep ’em comming! I’ve been dying to call my husband “cow nursie chicken teeth”. I keep forgeting and falling back on the old funny yet elegantly simple “butt-pie” (stolen from a Nanny 9-11 episode)


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