I happened to look out the right window at the right time tonight. I hope that’s an omen for other things that need to happen for us at the right time.

The mourning dove nest outside the sliding glass door looked quite sparse this morning. It was missing most of its dry grass messiness. Not great nest builders, those doves. Up until yesterday the mama was sitting on it, and I wasn’t sure if she had eggs or babies. Today we discovered that she has a baby, which fell out of the nest. The pair spent the day snuggled up against the side of the house, and I kept a pretty constant watch for cats, bluejays, squirrels, possums and raccoons. We get all sorts around here, and have seen raccoons during the day more than once. I put a birdhouse that Lexy made awhile back near them. (When I called animal control later, she agreed that that was okay, but confirmed that I shouldn’t do anything else.) I don’t think they went into it, but by dusk they were gone.

I have a soft spot for mourning doves. I hope they do well.

I ought to go. It’s only a matter of time before the computer shuts itself down and I want to read blogs before bed.

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