So that was (is) embarrassing

Wow.  Okay. I bought new underthings the other day but hadn’t taken them out of the bag yet. Tonight after work the kids all left for dinner visits with their dads and so I went to meet Scuba at his favorite coffee shop so we could both work for a couple of hours. (While he worked, I mostly read about Robert Mitchum getting stoned and lost on the way to a movie set. Thanks, Roger Ebert!)

Before I left the house I thought I’d change my clothes and I was all, Oooh, I know, I’ll wear my cute new retro looking pinup girl bra.  And then I put it on and I thought some more: Omg, I’m going to take a picture of myself in this fabulous bra and text it to Scuba.  Dude. I know. TMI.  But, it was tasteful and nice and it’s not like it we’re in the habit of sexting or anything. I was just, you know, trying to be fun. And cute. So I took the photo and sent it and then deleted it from my camera because my girls love to look through the photos on my phone. 
Only, I can’t delete the photo. 
It’s deleted from the photo album, but there’s also this new automagical thing called the “photo stream” where my phone sends pictures I take to my iPad. The photo stream has options for editing and sending photos, but no apparent way to delete them. Now the photo is in the photo stream batch on my phone, and also in the photos on my iPad. 
And, to top it off, I don’t think Scuba was exactly bowled over by the whole thing.  Either that or he didn’t want to be all, Nice half-naked photo, baby! in front of all the other customers. I’m going with the latter. Lesson learned. I’m off now to Google how to undo this. If Sophie sees it, I’m dead meat. 
Edited to add:
Just as I was about to publish this, like literally right as I was, Scuba sent a nice text.  So, unless I really *cannot* delete it, it’s all okay now.

There currently isn’t a way to individually delete photos from Photo
Stream, but there is a way to completely reset Photo Stream and start

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