Ten things that bug me:

  1. spitting and the sounds that come before it happens
  2. open bathroom door + peeing (one of my kids just did both those things, so that’s why the list)
  3. setting off the smoke alarm when I cook
  4. papercuts (why do I always have one?)
  5. never getting enough of my to-do list accomplished
  6. when the neighbor’s girlfriend parks at the curb in front of my house with just a few inches of the back of her car a little too close to my driveway – it’s not bad enough for me to say anything, really, but – B U G 
  7. rulebreakers at the morning drop off and afternoon pick up at the elementary school (especially the ones who do stupid things like, oh, I don’t know, jay walk behind my van that is parked at the curb and then get pissed at me when I almost back over them)
  8. crumbs
  9. lost stuff that I know is here *somewhere*
  10. complainers

2 thoughts on “Ten.

  1. Jen

    There is a sign in our bathroom that says, “The bathroom has a door for a reason. Use it.” Sad to say, the sign is often ignored; the most oft-used excuse is that there just wasn’t tiiime, they wouldn’t have maaade it if they took the time to shut the door. Obvious BS, but logic is useless in these situations.
    In our teeny tiny house, the smoke alarm goes off whenever we use the shower, but I have never managed to set it off with cooking, no matter how badly I burn things. Makes me question the usefulness of having the smoke alarm.
    We had a parent hit by a car last year at my son’s elementary school. The school made a big deal about it – had meetings, sent home fliers and emails. Didn’t change anything. They will cross in the middle of the street 10 ft from the new crosswalk they put in. Knuckleheads.
    Hope you’re feeling better, Jen. I feel so lucky to have been spared stomach issues, can’t imagine how much it must suck.


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