Time lapse photography, backward

all four

Here’s a photo from the first day of school this year which already feels like a long time ago.  Here they are two years ago:


And a few years before that:

on the steps

This is the actual first day of school photo from that year (2005)

boys' first day of school 05

Okay.  I’m totally freaked out now. 

4 thoughts on “Time lapse photography, backward

  1. Shoebox Princess

    Sigh. I do love my teenagers (and also the one that isn’t a teenager anymore, but ALMOST 21!!!), but there are times when I want to hug and cuddle with the little kids that used to run around the house and drive me crazy.
    Your kids were cuties back then and they are still a good-looking bunch now.
    (I’ll be in Santa Cruz in a week!!!)

  2. Jenijen

    Next week? Yay! The weather’s been incredible – you’ll love it. Wewill get to see you, right? Maybe Subday? Saturday is soccer & wrestling tournaments all.day.long.


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