Tonight I walked over to the corner supermarket to get some chewable supermarket brand tylenol for Lexy, who has a high fever.  Flu?  It’s whatever Nate had last weekend, only minus the barfing, hallelujah.  Anyway, I finally remembered that I wanted to jot down that since they remodeled the supermarket, walking in the produce section (which now has lots of organic stuff, overpriced though it may be) always makes me laugh.  Before the sprinklers come on, they play a sound recording of thunder.  The lights go wonky too, I think.  That just strikes me funny.  Maybe because I grew up and spent summers in Texas, and people here don’t know thunder, unless they are from somewhere else.  I have seen Californians go stand outside in a hailstorm.  That is just plain dumb. 

Honey, I’m home, I braved the storm to bring you this curly endive! 

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