I took Willow to the doctor today and got all sorts of good news! Her tube came out, which is so good I can’t accurately describe the goodness. Her wonky IgA level is now normal (low normal, but normal) and all the other immune system stuff tested last week came out fine. Her ear infection is better. The doctor thinks the eye thing is just an eye thing and is sending her to an eye thing doctor. She’ll also have an eeg to rule out any siezure activity, but the doctor isn’t worried. We see the GI tomorrow to talk about, well, about poop, really. She also needs to continue with the physical therapist until she gets better at drinking liquids. She has a hard time moving fluid to the back of her mouth and hasn’t mastered the sippy cup or regular cup or bottle. I can give her liquids with a spoon or syringe. I feel like I can breathe again, and I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t breathing until I felt a little better.

You haven’t smelled ick until you’ve smelled snake barf. Oh. Good. Lord. What a nasty foul stench that was. I get queasy just typing that. Good thing John cleaned it up. If I had to do it I would have just thrown the cage away, snake and all. I am not kidding. Sorry, snake.

I visited Hearthsong and ordered some spring time bunny items for the kids. I love Easter. It’s like all the fun of Christmas with hardly any stress. You get to wake up early, watch the kids get gifts, eat a slow and decadent breakfast in your pjs and play. And while they check out the new stuff, you can drink coffee and read the paper at a leisurely pace and sneak some of their candy while they aren’t looking.

I saw this meme (I know what that word means, but what is it? Anyone?) around a few places. I haven’t done one in ages, so I’ll just tuck it away here.

Name four bad habits you have:
-shopping when I shouldn’t
-eating the kids’ string cheese
-talking on the cell phone while I drive
-and, brand new one, playing solitare on the computer while I wait for pages to load. I hate video games.

Name four things that you wish you had:
-more time in a day
-a front-loading washer
-our own house near the coast
-a trust fund

Name three scents you love:
-spray starch

Name four things you’d never wear:
-white pants
-socks with sandals (hello, Lexy! I hope you outgrow that compulsion)
-bike shorts (ewww, the thought of it!)
-a string bikini

Name four things you have done today:
-took Willow to the doctor
-helped Lexy with homework
-made a yummy supper
-told John that I love him

Name four of your favorite things to do:
-drink coffee and read the paper in the morning
-hear the kids and John laughing
-go outside and play

Name the last 4 things you have bought:
-allergy eye drops
-rosemary potato bread
-altoids breath strips
-easter goodies

Name four things you regularly drink: (not counting water)
-coffee with soy milk
-apple juice (that I steal from the kids’ cups when I’m thirsty)
-I have to count water, that’s about it

Last time you cried?
-Last night, worrying about Willow.

Last thing you laughed at?
-Laughed hard? The part in Santa Clause 2 when the santa clone drinks the hot chocolate. Gets me every time.

What’s in your cd player?
-Jolie Holland in the computer, Gillian Welch in the car.

What color socks are you wearing?
-Not wearing any.

What’s under your bed?
-A big container of wrapping paper and ribbon, a BUNCH of John’s cassette tapes, a bunch of John’s reciepts, a side rail (so the kids won’t roll out of the bed, only it doesn’t fit on this bed so I think I’ll just get rid of it tomorrow).

What time did you wake up today?
– 6:00 am

Current hair?
-Washed, combed, air dried and held back with a clip. Very nerdy.

Current worry?
-Willow’s eyes.

If you could play an instrument?
– Violin/fiddle.

Favorite color?

How tall are you?
-Five feet and three quarters of an inch.

Favorite season?
-Autumn. Spring is very welcome, too.

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