Viva what? Are you HIGH or something??

We live in a duplex and share a wall with the neighbor. A new couple moved in earlier this month. They are young and have no kids. I think they were shocked to see all the children. I felt horrible, since even though former neighbors swear we aren’t too loud, I know we must be louder than an amusement park. In summer.

For a couple of weeks I spent lots of energy trying to keep the kids quieter when I knew the neighbors were home. But now? I don’t worry about it! Because she has a bumper sticker in the driver’s window of her car that says, “Viva Bu$h!” Just typing that, even with the misspelling, makes me shudder.

Sure, honey, take that toy back from the baby if you don’t want her to play with it! Make sure you’re both standing in the dining room, near the wall. And remember, the kid who screams loudest, WINS!

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