well that’s just great (she said sarcastically)

This news story is making me sick.  And worried and scared.  Let’s review:  the US attacked Iraq, killing how many thousands and thousands of civilians and soldiers from many countries, because Bush and company decided that there were WMD’s.  (honestly, isn’t it totally clear by now that they used that as an excuse to do what they had been hoping to do for years?)  And now the policy is going to be that the US can use nuclear bombs against countries that have WMD’s.  Because, you know, even if those horrible bad guys don’t mean to, some kind of accident may happen.  While we’re at it, we need to make a bigger-better-faster-more bomb that will penetrate the earth.  (as in totally fuck it, it would seem)  But, all you other countries who say you are developing nuclear power (yes you, those of you whose idea of government doesn’t fit with the US mandated way of being), you better get rid of that nuclear technology right away, before we attack your country and kill your people and ruin your economy and make you dependent on us for many years to come. 

Yeah.  That’s pretty much why I don’t have a proud to be an American sticker on my car.  I love the land and I try to love the people, even the ones who throw trash out the window and vote for things I am against and are responsible for our soul-crushing pop culture, but this government is acting like a bunch of terrorists. 

Alright!!  Send me some hate mail now!

10 thoughts on “well that’s just great (she said sarcastically)

  1. Lin

    I hope more people get angry. I just can’t understand why it’s taking so damned long for so many to react to this dangerous megalomaniac and his equally dangerous cronies.

  2. Liz C.

    uhm.. hate and hate and anger Blah blah hate blah how dare you mumble anger blah blah hate blah. Actually, I couldn’t agree more, but I also couln’t resist the ivite to comment. So there you have it. ~Liz

  3. meghan

    No Hate mail here. Just a reverberating “I Concur Completely!”

    Crazy people running the country. They have no concept of the irony in blatant hypocrisy. I suppose that would require the capacity for complex thought. The seem to be mired in concrete operations (you are either with us or against us…)
    Stupid a-holes.


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