What was I going to say?

kidscouchAll throughout the day I find myself thinking, “I have to remember that so I can blog about it!” But, like walking into the record store makes you forget what bands you listen to, booting up the computer makes me forget my bloggable moments. I put some of the pictures from Capitola in a photo album (on the right hand side bar). The two girls are my friend K’s daughters. And here is one more shareable photo (there on the left).

I’m ready for school to be over. I think that we missed the deadline for the science fair. Crap. I try to be on top of things, but I just need an assistant. With a cattle prod.

For Mother’s day we are going to Hidden Villa for a little celebration hooha. John is going to volunteer to work for a short time and hopefully his mom will come with us. My mom will be away visiting her mother. I just realized that I won’t get cards out in time. Where is my cattle prod weilding assistant??!

There is a community wide garage sale thing on the 15th of May. I’m trying to pull out things that we can sell. We need to get rid of some of the stuff around here. I think I may just put a ‘free’ sign on a lot of things. Some of it is stuff that friends or family passed along to us, so I’ll keep that seperate and then surprise them with a little (very little) cash for it. The boys are jazzed, in theory, to sell some toys so that they can take the money and get new stuff. Of course, they have a strong attachment to every item littering their floor, so they may not make any profit. Lexy said, “Hey! I bet I could get ten bucks for the card table!!” It’s not for sale, nor is it his, but he’s always got a plan.

I have to go drop the kids off at their dad’s house, but first I have to wash the rainbow colored ink off of Sophie. Nate swore he’d put it away after he was done stamping (because I told him he couldn’t use it because I didn’t want Sophie to get it. . . ) but, he forgot. I could go on, but instead I’ll just go.

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