willshoulder I just put away the laundry in our bedroom. No big deal, you think, so what?? Heh. The piles, if they were all on top of one another, could have easily almost touched the ceiling. . . of the Astrodome!! It took over an hour. Yikes. I’m so happy to have it done. I’d forgotten about some of the things I just hung up.

I also got to the post office today, so Elayne, watch your box!

Nate gets his stitches out tomorrow morning bright and early. Then in the afternoon Willow has a doctor visit. I really hope her doc isn’t running two hours late as usual. I get tense just thinking about going. I just can’t seem to catch up lately. Maybe I’ll go get a few more things done before I go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Jenny

    When compared to the picture of Sophie in the upper right hand corner, Willow looks just like sophie, which I imagine looks just.like.you- but then I compare Willow with John, and she is definately daddy’s little girl… she looks just like john, which is just too cute!

    What a perfect blend of you and John in Willow!

  2. elayne

    EEP! I really MUST get better at checking both my supposed-to-be-regular blog reads, and my mail! I shall check the mail this afternoon (yes, you’re reading that right, I haven’t checked my mail in over a week) so thanks in advance!! I’ll drop you a line when I get the package


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