You want to go where on a playdate??

Preschool went rather well. Nate is a funny guy. I’m not so much a preschool person, really. I like having my kids with me and feel like they go off to school soon enough. My children are pretty social (ahem, that would be an understatement) and I’m not worried about acedemic stuff until they get older. In any event, I wasn’t forcing Nate to attend preschool, if that is how it may have sounded. He asked to go and so I signed him up. He got over not wanting to go once he got there and saw his cubby with his name on it. I took a few pictures and will put them up if I ever get to the developing place.

Is there anyone else on the planet who has had a disagreement with their seven year old over whether or not he or she can attend a playdate at a nudist resort? I told him no because I don’t think the people there want to be gawked at by him. (I didn’t put it to him quite like that, though.) If I were comfortable going I might take him, but the chances of me swimming naked during the day with a bunch of strangers are so very very slim. Plus he’s a little too old to play naked with his classmate if you ask me.

Today we argued over the fact that when ever it’s my turn to bring snack for his class I pick something healthy and the other moms bring trix. I told him the other moms were breaking the rules, that snack is supposed to be healthy and that we will not bring junk food. He threatened to tell his teacher and his therapist that I am mean and never listen to him or do what he wants. What will I do with this boy when he is a teenager? And who complains to their mom when she gets pretzel sticks and strawberries for snack?? I think next time I’ll do celery sticks and raisins and just see how he likes that. The good thing was that when we finally got things worked out he said, “I guess that trix aren’t so good anyway because when I’m at my dad’s I see lots of commericals for it so it probably isn’t that great.” Yay!! I’ve been telling him that people make commercials for products because the product isn’t good enough to sell itself. I told him that the people selling those things had to give prizes or trick people into getting their products because the products weren’t very good. And he listened to me! Score one for mom against mainstream media! Turned out he meant the yougurt and not the cereal, but still, I won’t get bright blue yogurt for a class snack.

I do need to sleep. This morning after I dropped Nate off, I forgot where I parked the van and thought it had been stolen or towed away. The women working in the office at the school were most likely not impressed by my dazzling intellect. At least I found it before they called the police for me. Yeah, it was a little embarassing.

Here’s to a day without any appointments! Hooray Tuesday!!

And here’s the pinto bean and avocado salad receipe (from the Vegetarian 5 Ingredient Gourmet):

two sixteen ounce cans pinto beans, drained and rinsed
3 medium tomatoes, diced
2 or 3 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro
1/3 to 1/2 cup vinaigrette
freshly ground pepper
1 large avocado, diced (the instructions say, “pitted, peeled and diced, but I think we all know that avocado pits and peels aren’t good salad ingredients)

Combine all but avo in serving bowl and toss. Stir in avo just before serving.

And Deb, if you don’t already have that book it’s nice for quick meals. I love love love Vegan Planet, too.

2 thoughts on “You want to go where on a playdate??

  1. Jenny

    Forgot where you parked your car? I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    A few months back, I thought my car had been stolen while I was in class. I was *hysterical* for about 10 minutes and the campus police came by to take a report. Then, I realized that I was in the WRONG PARKING LOT! talk about emBARRASING!

  2. deb

    That salad looks great! Thanks for posting it. I don’t have that cookbook, but I’ve looked at it many times in the store. I haven’t bought it because I only buy vegan cookbooks now, but maybe I’ll take another look. Oh, maybe my library has it!

    I forget where I park my van ALL THE TIME. I walk around the parking lot pushing the lock button on my keychain clicker so that the van will honk at me. It’s my tracking device.


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