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The irony of blogging is that when lots of things are happening and life is interesting, there is not time to write about it. That said, not much of real interest is happening here, but all the same I have no time to write because I’m so busy.

Lexy’s arm seems to be healing okay, and he’s not going to need surgery. Very glad, of course, about that. John had a great interview for the job he wants most. Our generous family has given and lent us lots of money to help us through. Sophie is mostly unmanagable. I don’t remember robbing graves for body parts or hooking her up to any electric machines, but I seem to have created a monster nonetheless. Nate loves school. Lexy would rather stay home with me. Willow is cute. Really cute. I’m tired. Here are some more photos taken over the past week or so. John took Nate on a 5 (!) mile hike and they saw lots of wildlife. Enjoy. Happy October!

Sophsept04 Fancypantssept04_1 Bunnysept04 Smallspidersept04 Bigspidersept04 Deer1sept04 Deer2 Gsnakesept04 Natesnake1 Natesnake2 Natesnake3 Natejohnsnake4 Natesnake5

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