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I made a decision about our lightly-tended back yard.  I decided to fix it up so that we can enjoy it more, because now that Willow is not plain two, but two *and a half* my life has gotten more flexible.  A little more, anyhow.  I try and do something daily, or bidaily or weekly (ahem) to get to the main goal of being able to enjoy my coffee on the patio without fear of anyone impaling themselves, escaping or stepping on something that may cut a foot.  Above all, I have a need to feel safe from bird shit and pine tree sap (ever have that land on your head?  if you do, DON’T TOUCH IT AND THEN RUB YOUR EYES). 

I have done small things.  Today I hosed off the front porch and doorway, to brighten the entry into our home.  I swept and put some toys away.  I have thrown away lots of stuff, including an eighty dollar toy (yeah.  dude.  I know.  It gets worse.) that was not played with EVER because when the birthday boy got it he stomped on it and broke it.  It took me about five years to finally let go.  Yes, of course I tried to fix it, several times.  Deep breath, inhale, exhale the pissyness.  Better.  Only, not.  grrrrrrr

I cleared off and cleaned up a baker’s rack that my friends left here when they moved out four years ago.  I found lots of pots and badgered John into going to home despot for herbs with Willow and me.  I couldn’t face it alone, and I’m glad I didn’t.  She saw those endless rows with the smooth floor and kept pointing and shouting, "GO DERR!  DAT WAAAY!"  There was dramatic flinging onto the floor, and at least one very false cry of "WAH!"  But now we have delphinium, basil, ornamental peppers, rosemary, chocolate mint, tri colored sage and I think that is all.  The girls helped me plant, then they played with the dump truck and some potting soil, which, doesn’t that have shit in it??  They had a bath. 

I have to sleep.  But first, the van!!  Yes with !!’s   John and I looked at our bank accounts and I was puzzled, because I know that school starts and we need to get stuff for the boys, but I couldn’t see how to make that happen in a way that would also allow us to eat.  Or at least, eat like we want to.  I had a swell idea that instead of being a good citizen and donating the van, I could list it on craigslist dot org, just to see if anyone was interested.  The list of what is wrong with it was longer than the perks, but oh. my. golly.  Within half an hour of listing I had NINE emails begging me to sell them the van.   I contacted the first guy to respond.  He’s a mechanic at a dealership for the same company that makes the van.  He’s going to fix it up so his wife can drive it.  Right on!!  He wins with the super duper bargain and the access to discounted parts, and I can eat the good cheese and buy the boys more jackets to lose!  YAY  The coolest part?  I listed it at about 8pm, and we had the cash by 10pm.  And the guy lives about twenty miles or so away.  Craigslist dot org is my new boyfriend. 

8 thoughts on “a girl and her truck

  1. jenny

    i never knew anyone actually used craigslist to sell things. I was under the impression craigslist was for things like
    “missed connections” *wink*wink*
    and getting free things like boxes and bubble wrap.

    Maybe i can unload all my crap there! i’m gonna check it out. good job on selling the van!

  2. shannon

    Oh wow – how cool is that! I shoulda tried to sell our ancient van instead of bringing it to the junkyard! 🙂 Have fun with the “surprise” cash!

  3. GraceD

    Bravo to the notcalm household in getting that van sold! Craigslist saves the day again!

    Craigslist has given our family so much:

    1. My last job, a vastly interesting research associate position at an amazing biotech/nanotech company.
    2. Years ago – a redwood swing set for Moll.
    3. All the apartments/shared housing my stepkiddo Jenn has lived in since graduating college three years ago.
    4. Bucks for a Camp Curry canvas tent reservation we could not use.
    5. Excellent travel advice on the discussion boards.
    6. AND, the best for last – MALCOLM! Our Jack Russell Terrier was advertised on CL by a Mom who had the wisdom to offer him up for sale/adoption because her two year old boy was tormenting the pup. She posted on a Friday morning, I saw and responded to the ad in the early afternoon, we spoke in the evening, and then met up on Saturday morning to seal the deal.

    Also, Craig Himself commented on my blog. For that, I will always be his slave.


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