a tale of disaster, narrowly averted

After I got all four boys out the door this morning (we have a friend who catches a ride to school with us in the mornings), I went to pour myself a cup of coffee and get the girls their breakfast.  And then a terrible thing happened:

the coffeepot (which I KNEW was full and waiting for me *sob*) was nowhere to be found. 

I looked in every room of the house, in the fridge under the tables in the trash; nothing. 

Did you ever see a short cartoon called "Family Dog?"  In it, the family comes home from a night out to discover that their entire house has been looted by thieves.  The mother goes into the kitchen, where she sees the sad little outline of where the coffeemaker used to sit.  She says, in this great, nasally horror struck voice, "OH MY GOD!  THEY’VE TAKEN THE COFFEEMAKER!!!!"  That was me!  Totally! 

I called John’s work, even though I doubted he was there yet, and I talked to S.  I said, "S, this is not super important, but at the same time, it is kind of an emergency.  I can’t find the coffeepot."

S:  Oh, no!
Me:  Yeah.  I looked everywhere, and I saw John making some this morning.  I am worried that he accidentally just took it with him or something.
S:  Well, when I see him I’ll have him call.  You poor thing, STAY STRONG!
Me:  (weeping) I’ll try.  Thank you.

I kept looking, but no luck.  AND NO PHONE CALL! ** Finally, Sophie decided that she wanted veggie bacon for breakfast, so I opened the microwave to heat some up, and (insert choir of angel voices and beams of sweet, heavenly light here) there was the coffeepot!  In the microwave!  And now, I am properly jacked-up and hyper like I should be and my little corner of the world is alright again.

the end

Also, right now, Sophie is standing next to me with one of the boys spy gadget voice recorder toys saying things like, "poop,"  "fart," "poo-poo diaper baby butt."  She is so refined.

**He called right when I was finishing this up.  So, forget my complaining.

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