About to be scrambled.

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That’s me.  Things are going to be very busy for me starting, oh, NOW.  I couldn’t be happier, but truth be told I’m nervous, too.  Before too long I will be contributing to this web site, and, I’m also taking on another behind-the-scenes job for an organization I truly respect and admire.  (They already said I could work for them, so that’s not ass-kissing.) 

I’ve been drinking half-caf coffee, but I think those days are over.  Since I’ll be getting a paycheck, I’m going to do it right.

7 thoughts on “About to be scrambled.

  1. GraceD

    Yay! Blogging Baby’s going to happen!

    Excellent. You are one of my favorite writers and I think your work should be everywhere.

    Bravo to you, good woman.


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