already standing on the ground

So, I’ve been doing the x365 thang, and am about to start NaBloPoMo and also a photography class. 


I’m already too busy, might as well add more stuff to the list.

I had lunch with the wonderful and fun Elkit on Sunday.  She’s got a busy month coming up, too, of NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, and bacon.  She makes bacon cookies.  Um, what gluten intolerance?  Huh?  Anyway, we ended up just walking around town and window shopping and strolling, and as Elkit pointed out, it was nice to just stroll.  Kind of like going to yoga to just breathe.

Nathan and Lex scared me and the girls so badly tonight.  They came back from a friend’s house while I was reading to the girls in my bed.  I didn’t hear them come in, so when I heard a knocking on my bedroom door (or was it the wall? or coming from next door?  from the garage?) I called out "Hello?"  There was no answer, but the knocking softly continued.  I figured it was the boys, but I had a genuine moment where I was afraid it was not the boys.  They popped into the bedroom, and even though she could see Nathan when he jumped at us and yelled, Willow was terrified by him.  It even made my heart pound, and I watched him the whole time.

Willow cried for a long time, and Nathan felt terrible.  He held her and told her it was okay and then read from Little House in the Big Woods. to the girls.  It was sweet. 

Lex wrote a poem tonight that totally blew my mind.  I won’t share it, because it’s really personal, but I will say that he can hang onto it for five years and turn it in as a class assignment when he’s a sophomore. 

I’m nervous about NaBloPoMo.  I may have to resort to a blogging suggestion book or something. . .

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  1. Elke Sisco

    There’s no gluten in bacon! You could always substitute a different flour, I am sure. Let’s experiment, shall we? We could start with Gluten-Free Girl’s Sugar Cookies (easily googled), pick a gluten-free cereal (for a little extra crunch), and raisins and bacon. Voila! I think you should give it a try. If you don’t, I will!

    It was great to see you on Sunday. Our “Woolf lunch”. Let’s do it again soon!


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