an unfortunate meeting



Further proof of my unfit mothering: I allowed my boys to meet this dreadful man.  He writes awful stories that no child has any business reading.  Furthermore, I read them several (perhaps all) of the books, and not only did I use my own library card to borrow said books, I also used it to check out versions of the books on tape, which were all read aloud by either the author or some odd hollywood person.  I even purchased the tickets for the booksigning. 

As you can see, I am a complete ne’er-do-well, washout, underachiever parent.  Which, in this case, means I am fun!  (I even let John take them while I wrangled the girls.)

I.can.not.sleep.  Side effect of medicine I am taking.  Think I’ll go lay in the dark and recharge best I can.

8 thoughts on “an unfortunate meeting

  1. TitanKT

    WOW! You met Lemony Snicket, that’s amazing.

    Who said Celestial Seasonings… Derek, you should go visit my blog… I’m also a Celestial Seasonings addict/crazed fan!

  2. Lin

    Simply Sleep (by Tylenol). I swear it really does help you drop off and it’s non-addictive, promise.

    But back to your pictures, who is that guy anyway?

  3. Marsha

    I am so jealous! The new book hasn’t made it to our bookstore yet, we have been checking everyday. An unfortunate side effect of living in Japan.

  4. Belinda

    Awesome. I would be even a WORSE parent, because I would have sent the children forth with brand-new, pristine first editions I’d snagged from Alibris, then taken them straight away from the poor kids, sealed them in glassine and put them away NEVER TO BE TOUCHED. Autographed first editions? For READING? You must be insane! My husband bought me one for my birthday this year that I had longed for, then frowned in consternation as I lovingly put it away and browsed online for a used copy to actually READ. What? Am I a loser? You can tell me.


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