and they just hang it up on the walls


Thursday morning from my window.  (ahem — is this not an awesome photo?  I feel proud.)

The BlogHer conference was great this year; closer to capturing the incredible spirit of the first year, at least in my experience.  I sat at the BlogHerAds table with Jenny for a lot of the time, which was great.  You think her *blog* is funny — you should sit next to her for a few hours sometime.  I was a lucky girl and got to room with Jess.  We went to the Art Institute of Chicago together on Sunday afternoon.  I was dizzy from literally walking through an art history textbook (well, one chapter of one, anyway, since we didn’t have nearly enough time) and was super happy to see the work of Jeff Wall.  (I just saw on that link that the exhibit will be in San Francisco this fall.  Awesome!  I am going to go at least three times.)

I met so many inspiring women and reconnected with some I’d met before.  I got to sit with Lisa Stone on the flight from Las Vegas to Chicago, which was great and probably the longest we’ve ever had to sit and talk.  When I was sitting on the floor at the Navy Pier, watching 800 women listen to Lisa interview Elizabeth Edwards and watching Jory and Elisa bring the microphone around to audience members for questions, it really struck me (yet again) how much of an impact those three have had on so many of our lives.  It’s like we were all stuck on separate little islands in our corners of the world, and Lisa, Jory, and Elisa made this cool teleporter that brought us all to the same place — a place with wireless, coffee, and wine — where we could marvel at one another’s compassion, brilliance, amazing ideas, senses of humor, and capabilities. 

I got teary a lot over it all.  I felt so happy. 

Now that I’m home, I’m inspired to take more photos, write more, read more, keep up with and work on my friendships.  I feel so good about what’s next.  That’s nice after spending so much time feeling down about a lot of things.  It makes the good feel that much better.

7 thoughts on “and they just hang it up on the walls

  1. carmen

    I was so glad to see you again. You are amazing and cool and funny, and, could I gush any more?

    Probably. I should stop embarrassing myself, eh?

    I look forward to seeing you again next year.


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