another cup? sure!

Here’s the apple tree I made last month for one of Sophie’s friends.  There were little finger puppets with it; a raccoon and a squirrel I think.  There’s a shadow covering the fork of the trunk, but it is there.  I had to keep making the top smaller and sewing in more of the trunk to it, because it flopped over.  The first version was much more apple tree looking.  Learn by doing.


The trunk is from an old pair of Nate’s cords and the top is fabric from my mom’s stash.  I think she stained the gingham with tea when she was using it to make antique dolls in the 80’s.  If memory serves.  I want to finish my current knitting project this week so I can sew this weekend while the big kids are gone. 

I didn’t drink more coffee than usual today, but I’m totally in space.  I need someone to come talk me down.  Maybe it’s just the coffee mixed with the cold I’m trying to get.  I wish I could call a mom sub in to do my job today.  I’d rather have access to a mom sub a few times a year instead of a tax refund.  You know, as long as they didn’t send someone from the actual government.  Wow.  Could you imagine how well my kids would treat me forever if they had to spend a day with Icky Cheeseney or someone horrible?  See??? I told you I’m all weird and spacey.  I don’t even make sense to myownself.  Now I have to drive to the school and get the boys from play practice.  Must not be late. 

4 thoughts on “another cup? sure!

  1. Jamie

    How cool is that little tree !Are you using a pattern or book or just an amazing imagination ? I’m inspired to dig out my sewing machine.

  2. Jen

    I just went for it on that one, which I never do. I made a little pattern with plain paper, but when I got it all sewn together, the top totally flopped over. SO, I kept making the top smaller and the trunk shorter until it didn’t flop. When I started the top was much rounder and there was a nice big fork in the middle of the trunk. That’s why I usually go with a pattern!


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