Arrrrgh, we be makin’ the homemade candy corn

Candy corn 014

recipe here

These are so good that I hid a stack from everyone else and we are making another batch after supper tonight.  Sophie stopped her pumpkin carving last night (well, she enlisted SG to do all the work anyway, so really she just moved away from the pumpkin) so she could stand with me and make teensy little pumpkins out of some of the dough.

Soph's pumpkins 

The littlest one is the size of a barbie earring.  So.Cute.

Willow made some, too, and also a skeleton.

Willow's pumpkins and skeleton 

Lex's soccer team won 8-0 today, Nate had a bye, Willow's team lost by one but she thinks they won and I'm sure not going to correct her, Sophie's team had their first not-win, a tie, and Soph says that they

technically won, because we were better, and we almost scored in the last two seconds. 

Well, I said, that's not "technically" winning.

Yes.  It.  Is.  [glower]

Technically and imaginarily are very different things, I thought but did not say because I am getting wiser by the day.

6 thoughts on “Arrrrgh, we be makin’ the homemade candy corn

  1. Shoebox Princess

    The candy corn and other assorted shaped confections look AWESOME.

    Sigh-we still haven’t carved the pumpkins (we still haven’t PURCHASED pumpkins–I was supposed to do that tonight, but since it took me three hours to get to the shower this afternoon/evening because of adolescent/child/progeny-living-away-from-home-who-really-needs-to-buy-herself-a-map requests for help and not having the usual second helper around to take upon himself some of the requests, everything I had planned for this evening got shelved.) Oh well. We still have a week.

    I love the logic of children. I could listen to them reason their way through their perceptions all day.

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