Back to school. Please.

I started a post about how very badly I want school to hurry up and start already, but that’s one of those "duh" things and no one is interested.  So, I grabbed the camera and headed out to the backyard to see if I could find anything interesting to photograph and write about.  I’m still coming up with nothing. 





4 thoughts on “Back to school. Please.

  1. Marsha

    Tell me all about your new camera, the pictures are lovely.

    I always feel much better when other mom, especially great moms like you, start to feel ichy for school. My kids are driving me nuts. Husband too.

  2. Scheherazade

    Is the top picture a fir cone? (For some reason I kept wanting to type “acorn”. I am so weird.)

    I think you should do a weekly post where you take up close photos of stuff and your readers have to guess what they are. You know because you have so much free time and stuff! 🙂

    Also, how about an update on how the gymming is going? (Or has summer put a hold on that?)

  3. marian

    I was so desperate yesterday I asked my readers to come up with topics for me. They came up with some great ones, too. Now I just have to find the time to write about them.

    mmmm. lime!


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