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Sophie. What can I say? Here she is, in all her glory. Willow had a couple of impressive barfing episodes yesterday, so she and I slept on the couch. I covered it with two sheets and kept a big tupperware bowl and a roll of paper towels on the floor just in case, but all she did was sleep.

I’ve been getting to the gym and running every morning while everyone here sleeps. It’s so good for me, and I am shocked to find that I look forward to it. I enjoy it. I’m up to 2.6 miles, and increasing my distance and time every day.

Time to go wragle the girls; they are running around naked after their bubble bath.

6 thoughts on “Baconhead

  1. Belinda

    I am SO proud of you, and now inspired as well! Thanks!

    Bacon-face…not so sure. What a drama queen. I wonder what THAT’S like? *sputter, cough*


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