Bad Blogger!

Or, at least, busy blogger.  I’ve been making ornaments and magnets for the craft fair (this Saturday, thank Maude).  I’ve also just started scarf #3 for holiday gift giving.  We’ll see how many I can get done. 

Buttons1 Angelarmy

I don’t have photos of the others and I think the camera is off hiking in the woods with John.  I’ll take some of all the stuff on Saturday. 

We’re all on round three or so of this nasty cold.  Willow is dealing with her second double ear infection, and everyone sounds really hoarse and stuffy.  I’m ready for winter break, when the stress of the holidays is over and we can hang out in our pajamas and make cookies and watch too many movies.  I’ll try and post more often.  In the meantime, read my honey’s blog

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