Beach Access

I was in a most foul, rotten, mean and nasty mood today.   Luckily, we finally got to the beach tonight.  Everyone felt better.

We didn’t pack much, so we were a little hungry (right after dinner, natch) and cold, but it was good anyhow.   
Lex hates it when I take his picture, but I did get a good one of him and that was nice.



These tiny flowers were growing all alone on the side of the trail.  The cold kept most people away, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  John and the girls went exploring while the boys and I sat on the blanket, shivering and laughing. 

We left pretty early, before it got dark, and were home in time for the girls and I to get a nice warm bath.  Willow played with her duckies and a little plastic scuba diver guy and I heard her make the scuba guy say, "Noooooo, dat duck is mot my mudder." 

I got a photo of the surfer guy statue on our way back.  If you go to John’s flickr page, he is going to (when I let him have  a turn at the computer) upload his much better pictures.   Goodnight.                   Img_0312


3 thoughts on “Beach Access

  1. Alpha

    That’s Natural Bridges! Finally, I can identify an actual location! Och, I miss those California beaches already.

    This comment *has* *not* been written under the influence of alcohol. Really.


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