Because I’m never too busy to brag

Nate walked into the room where Sophie was watching this movie.  He said, "Hmmmm.  Looks a lot like a Miyazaki film." 

That made me feel like such an outstanding parent.  And he’s all snobby with his "film" rather than "movie."  Heh.  I love that. 

In other acts of greatness, I made some kick-ass chocolate chip cookies.  The kids (and the adults, course) are loving them.

The big kids are going to their dad’s for the weekend, so I’ll be able to catch my breath a little.  For the first time since we started this in April (this being the weekend visits) I really don’t want them to go. 

1 thought on “Because I’m never too busy to brag

  1. mamadaisy

    ahh, to cultivate an appreciation for anime, a truly noble pursuit. personally, i like Spirited Away.

    enjoy your semi-peaceful weekend. you’ll have them back in your arms before you know it.


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